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BlackRapid RS-Sport - CAMO - Sling Camera Strap MPN: RRS-1CO

  • $ 7395

  • Holds and keeps an SLR camera and lens steady in strenuous situations, color black
  • Strap includes BRAD MOD under arm safety tether, CR-2 connector & Fasten R-3 fastener to camera
  • Slide camera up the strap to grab that perfect shot
  • An extreme sports camera strap
  • Ballistic nylon, cordura nylon, TPE foam, bomb proof nylon webbing, duraflex acetal nylon connectors

The black RS-Sport Extreme Sport Strap from BlackRapid is designed to be worn under your right arm and hold an SLR camera and lens steady in strenuous shooting situations. Slide the camera up the strap to grab that perfect shot. The strap has an under arm safety tether that keeps the camera secure. It includes a CR-2 connector-2 (1/4'-20 fastener), FR-3 fastener-3 and a BRAD MOD that secures the camera to the strap.


Strap Basics

·        Worn under right arm

·        Holds SLR camera with lens attached

·        Under arm safety tether

·        FR-3 fastener couples to connector-2

·        CR-2 connector-2 a smooth swivel with a positive lock to ensure the safety of the camera and lens; 1/4'- 20 fastener

·        BRAD MOD secures the strap during action shots



·        Ballistic nylon with Cordura nylon

·        TPE foam,

·        1.0' (2.5 cm) nylon webbing

·        Duraflex acetal nylon used in connectors



Strap: Ballistic nylon with Cordura nylon, TPE foam 
Webbing: 1.0' nylon

Attachment Method: CR-2 to camera lugs 1/4'- 20 fastener

Weight: 7.0 oz (198 g)


Comes With:

FastenR-3 Third Generation for R-Strap


BRAD (Black Rapid Arm Defense)

1-Year Replacement Warranty