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BlackRapid ProtectR Security Camera Strap Protector Sleeve-Regular MPN:RAG2C-1AS

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TheProtectR Security Sleeve - RegularfromBlackRapidis a simple way tohave some peace of mind when shooting in less than hospitable terrain. The ProtectR features a 1.5mm steel cable inside a 16oz. thermoset polymer fabric sleeve which wraps around any BlackRapid camera strap to provide an extra degree of security when shooting in situations that demand thislevel of caution. The steel cables will prevent the cutting or slicing of your camera strap while you are focusing on getting that important shot. In addition to their strength, the white-coated cables can be seen through their sleeve to deter anyone even thinking about a quickscore.

The ProtectR comes in two sizes for a perfect fit. ProtectR - Regular is17' (43.2 cm)and the ProtectR - Long is 21.5' (54.6 cm), for thosewho wear their straps extended a bit longer. Both ProtectR Security Sleeves are 2' wide and quality made by BlackRapid. When getting the best shot is all you should be focusing on, it's good toknow that someone's got your back.

Strong 1.5mm gauge steel cable wraps twice through the security sleeve.

Security sleeve made of 16oz rugged, thermoset polymer fabric (TPF) with two small cut-aways that make the steel cables visible to potential thieves.