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BlackRapid Lockstar Breathe Carabiner Protector (2-Pack) - MPN: 362007

  • $ 1195

  • For BlackRapid Breathe Series Straps with CR-3 ConnectR
  • Stops ConnectR from Accidental Unlocking
  • Prevents ConnectR from Scratching Camera
  • Prevents ConnectR from Scratching Camera

TheBlackRapid Lockstar Breathe Carabiner Protectoris compatible with BlackRapid *Breathe Series Straps Only* that feature a CR-3 ConnectR locking carabiner. By folding over a CR-3 ConnectR, the Lockstar Breathe prevents unintentional user contact with the CR-3 ConnectR that could cause it to accidentally unlock. Additionally, it blocks the metal surface of a CR-3 ConnectR from scratching a connected camera. This is a pack of two plastic carabiner protectors.