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BlackRapid Fasten-R Tripod (FR-T1) For Manfrotto RC2 QR Plate MPN: RFH-1EO

  • $ 1795

  • Make your Manfrotto RC2 Quick Release Plate R-Strap ready with Manfrotto RC2 Quick Release Plates
  • Eliminates the need to remove the quick-release plate
  • orks with all current R-Strap models, allowing you to move between handheld and Monopod/Tripod with ease
  • Includes replacement bolt, C-clip, spacing washers and instructions

Make your quick release plate R-Strap ready. Easliy go from R-Strap to tripod or monopod. The FastenR Tripod (FR-T1) is the solution to using your favorite R-Strap with Manfrotto RC2 and other flat quick release plates.  The FastenR Tripod replaces the existing D-ring on your RC2 plate creating the perfect link to your R-Strap Hardware.


The FastenR Tripod (FR-T1) is an alternative to the standard FastenR, making your Manfrotto RC2 Quick Release Plate R-Strap ready.