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BlackRapid Binocular Breathe Strap - Universal Adaptor & Neck Strap - 362002

  • $ 2495

  • Neck Strap for Binocular or Camera Places Binocular or Camera on Chest
  • Thin, Lightweight Design Moisture-Wicking, 2 x 16" Neck Pad
  • Detachable Nylon Webbing, Locking Clips Adjustable Length from 4.3 to 6.5"
  • Eyelet Cords for Binocular or Camera Use Webbing with Breathe Harnesses
  • Soft Pouch for storage or transport

The lightweight, BlackRapid Binocular Breathe Strap is designed to allow a binocular or camera to be worn comfortably around the neck. It's thin, moisture-wicking neck pad has two webbings that include eyelet cords which are compatible with most binocular or camera connection points that are intended for a strap. The webbings are adjustable from 4.3 to 6.5", are 1.0" wide, and are securely attached to the neck pad with locking clips. These webbings can be detached and secured to a separately-available BlackRapid Double Breathe-series camera harness. A Double Breathe camera harness can then be used to carry two cameras, each one positioned upside-down along either the right or left hip, plus an additional binocular or third camera in front of one's chest.