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B+W 72mm Soft PRO Glass Filter MPN: 65-017007

  • $ 4990
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  • Provides diffusion effect while maintaining detail
  • Softening/diffusion
  • Schott glass
  • Made in Germany

B+WSoft Pro Filter PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS Softening Filter Helps to Diffuse Light Creates Halo Effect Around Light Sources Maintains Focus and Detail Rugged Black Brass Filter Ring TheB+WSoft Pro Filteris a soft focus filter that helps soften and diffuse subject matter while still maintaining a semblance of sharp focus and detail. The filter surface features fine lenticular protrusions that have been applied to a high-grade plano-parallel glass plate in a random order. The light that passes through the protrusions is able to preserve focus while the light that is reflected from the small lenses is diverted and results in a halo-like effect. By combining elements of both sharp and soft focus together the image holds on to its clarity while still providing an ethereal quality. This filter is ideal for use with portraiture, especially in backlit situations or other scenes with lighting present in the image frame. B+W filters are constructed from high quality Schott glass for increased optical clarity and color fidelity. They feature a brass filter ring for durability as well as jamming prevention. Softening and diffusion filter helps to maintain detail and sharp focus while softening and diffusing stronger light sources. Small protrusions on the filter plane allow a portion of the light through without disturbing focus while other light is reflected in order to create a halo-like effect surrounding light sources. Ideal for use with portraiture work, especially when photographing with a strong light source. Constructed from high quality Schott glass for optical clarity. Brass filter ring helps to prevent jamming and provides additional strength. Type: Softening/diffusion Size: 72mm Filter Factor:0 Effect:Provides diffusion effect while maintaining detail Construction:Schott glass Front Filter Thread Size:72mm Front Lens Cap Size:72mm