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B+W 62mm E KR6 (81EF) Warming  Conversion Filter  - SILVER BOX  65-073741-OS

B+W 62mm E KR6 (81EF) Warming Conversion Filter - SILVER BOX 65-073741-OS

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With double the strength of the KR3, the B&W  KR6 Warming Color Conversion Glass filter leads to neutral color rendition in strong haze or in mountains above 2500m (8200') when transparencies are not to show "blue mountains" (which can also be attractive depending on the individual case).

Another field of application would be interior photographs on daylight reversal (slide) film when only blue light from the sky and no direct sunlight is coming through the windows - and no fill-in flash is being used. In combination with tungsten reversal film, the KR6 filter imparts the warmth of normal incandescent bulbs to the light emitted by halogen bulbs which would appear neutral white without a filter.

81 Series Conversion Factors
81 decreases color temperature from 3300 - 3200° Kelvin
81A decreases color temperature from 3400 - 3200° Kelvin
81B decreases color temperature from 3500 - 3200° Kelvin
81C decreases color temperature from 3600 - 3200° Kelvin
81D decreases color temperature from 3700 - 3200° Kelvin
81EF decreases color temperature from 3900 - 3200° Kelvin

Type: Color Conversion
Grade:  KR 6 (81EF)
Filter Factor:  +1/2 stop
Multi-Coated:  No
Effect:  The 81 series adds warmth to the image
Application:  Good for general scenics when the photographer wishes to remove the bluish cast from open shade or just add warmth to the photograph, with an 81EF having the greatest effect 
Color Temperature:  Decreases color temperature from 3900 - 3200° Kelvin
Construction:  Schott Glass
Front Filter Threads: Yes