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B+W 62mm 080 Light Blue Filter - Siver Box - (Non-F-Pro) 65-071730-OS

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This item is a older non F-Pro series Filter. Same Standard SC coated product. Exposed filter ring depth of this filter is 5mm versus the 4mm of the F-Pro SerieThis B&W  080 Glass filter renders blue tones lighter, but yellow, orange and especially red go darker.

"Aerial perspective" caused by haze and fog is increased
The sky will be rendered lighter

Favored for tonal separation in object photography (darker reds, lighter blues) and also for the correction of excessively light gray values of orange and red colors under artificial illumination

Type:  Light Blue
Grade:  080
Filter Factor:  1.5 (+.5-stop) (approx)
Multi-Coated:  No
Rotating:  No
Effect:  Blue go lighter - reds go darker
Application:  Nature, object photography
Color Temperature:  Not applicable
Construction:  Schott Glass