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B+W 52mm E KB-12 SC (80B) Color Conversion Filter - SILVER BOX MPN: 65-074871-OS

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This item is an older non F-Pro series Filter. Same Standard SC coated product. Exposed filter ring depth of this filter is 5mm versus the 4mm of the F-Pro Series

The B&W Deep Blue KB12 Glass filter blocks so much red, orange and yellow that it increases the color temperature of very bright halogen and special photoflood lamps (of around 3400K) to that of daylight. With that kind of illumination, and with daylight color reversal film, the subjects will be reproduced in their original colors.
With weaker halogen bulbs or stronger incandescent bulbs in conjunction with this filter and with daylight reversal film, a residue of "warmth" will be retained for an optimal mood in interior photographs.

Used to balance daylight film under artificial, tungsten or standard (household) incandescent lighting

80 Series Color Conversion Chart
80A increases color temperature from 3200-5500 degrees Kelvin (commonly used with 3200K lamps)
80B increases color temperature from 3400-5500 degrees Kelvin (commonly used with photoflood lamps)
80C increases color temperature from 3800-5500 degrees Kelvin (commonly used with flashbulbs)
80D increases color temperature from 4100-5500 degrees Kelvin (commonly used to remove extreme orange or red)

Type:  Color Conversion
Size:  52mm
Grade:  KB12 (80B)
Filter Factor:  4 (+2 stop)
Multi-Coated:  No
Effect:  Balances daylight film for use with most standard tungsten lighting, studio lighting and copy stand lighting
Application:  Used to shoot daylight film under artificial (household) lighting conditions
Color Temperature:  Increases color temperature from 3400-5500 degrees Kelvin
Construction:  Schott Glass
Front Filter Thread Size:  52mm
Front Lens Cap Size:  52mm