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B-Grip Travel Kit - Backpack Mounting Adpt.-Waterproof Camera Cover MPN:BGRTRVLK

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TheB-Grip Travel Kitiscomprised of an EVO Camera Belt Grip, Safety Cord Rainproof Cover for thecamera. The B-Grip EVO has slots that accept a belt or backpack strap. Simplythread the belt or strap through the B-Grip mount, attach the optionalquick-release plate to your DSLR camera or compact camcorder, and easilyconnect the plate to the mount.

Climbers, hikers and wildlife photographers will appreciatehaving both hands free to negotiate the terrain. A safety cord is included toprevent the camera from hitting the ground if it slips from your hand. TheB-Grip will support cameras up to 17.6 lb. Separate purchase of a B-Grip quickrelease plate is required.