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B-Grip HS Ergonomic Universal Rubber Camera Hand Strap MPN: BGHS

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The blackHand StrapfromB-Gripaddsanother dimension to your B-Grip system. The Hand Strap is all rubber andcontains memory foam to hold its shape. To use it, simply remove the B-GripPlate on the B-Grip Holder and replace it with the red mat on the strap. Theclever flip out platform allows you to place your camera and lens on a tablewithout either touching the surface. The value of the hand strap isfunctionality. Having your camera right in your hand means you're always inshooting position. It also provides an additional measure of security since thecamera is held firmly in your hand and not dangling from a strap.

Rubbermaterial with memory foam for stability

Built-inflip out platform allows you to place the camera on a table without either thebody or lens touching the surface

Fullcompatibility with all B-Grip products