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B-Grip B-Glider Universal Sliding Camera - Camcorder Shoulder Strap MPN: BGLIDER

  • $ 3999

This is theSliding Camera Shoulder Strap KitfromB-Glider. This system works with your DSLR, mirrorless or bridge camera, and will support up to 17lb. It is designed to minimize the weight load on your shoulders. It connects to your camera or tripod via a 1/4-20 quick-release plate that in turn, attaches to the strap's quick-release base. When you're ready to shoot, the entire quick-release base slides up the strap bringing the camera into shooting position. Or, you can detach your camera from the base, and use it without the strap. Two quick-release couplers remove the strap from your shoulder when it's not needed.

The fully adjustable 40" strap is made from nylon, and features a 2.6" wide neoprene shoulder pad. The two included plastic connectors can be attached to your backpack. This system is compatible with B-Grip accessories (sold separately).

  • Works for DSLR,Mirrorless,Bridge Cameras

  • 1/4-20 QR Plate Mounts to DSLR/Tripod

  • Camera Slides up to Shooting Position

  • Length: 40" / Fully Adjustable

  • Attaches Via Two Quick-Release Couplers

  • Supports 17 lb

  • Compatible with B-Grip Accessories

Material Strap: Nylon

Shoulder Pad: Neoprene

Quick-Release Base/Plate: Plastic
Weight Capacity 17 lb (8 kg)
Dimensions Overall: 40" (102 cm) Shoulder Pad Width: 2.6" (6.6 cm)
Attachment Method Camera/Tripod: 1/4-20 quick-release plate

Shoulder: Two quick-release couplers