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Samigon 52mm Snap-On Front Lens Cap w/ 6' Lens Leash MPN: ASM583

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Professional design pinch snap-on lens cap with cap keeper leash not only protects your lens from dust and scratches, but also protects you from loosing this cap. The Samigon Lens Cap has a smooth outer rim without having the protruding Pinch Clips of many lens caps? In addition, this lens cap can be released by squeezing the outer release tabs or by using the recessed inner release tabs? Best of all the lens cap uses a elastic band to attach to your lens versus attaching to your camera? Keeping the lens cap withyour lensinstead of hanging fromyour camera body?.

Professional design center pinch snap on lens cap with 6' keeper

Easy smooth operation

Fits 77mm lens filter thread

Made from high impact plastic in black color