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BlackRapid SnapR 35 Bag + Sling + Wrist Strap System MPN: RPB-3BB

  • $ 4495

    TheSnapr35 + Sling StrapfromBlackRapidis a unique addition to Black Rapid's roster of fine equipment. The Snapr35 is a combination bag and sling strap that permits you to simply slide the camera out of the bag and up to eye level. Since the camera is always tethered to the bag, there's never a worry about losing or forgetting it anywhere. Made from heavy-duty ballistic nylon, The Snapr35 can be used either as a bag, sling or hand strap - or as a combination of all three.

    The Snapr35 is a bit larger than BlackRapid's SnapR 20 that is designed to fit smaller point-and-shoot cameras

    The tether attaches to the camera's tripod socket

    The bag contains two quick-release buckles

    Camera glides from bag to shooting position

    No worry of dropping or forgetting camera

    3 in 1: bag + sling strap + hand strap

    Use all 3 together or independently

    Inside pocket for phone, accessories

    Wrap style pocket with secure touch fastened enclosure

    • Combination Bag and Sling Strap

    • Camera Glides - Bag to Shooting Position

    • Use as Bag, Sling or Hand Strap

    • For Mirror and Mirrorless Cameras

    • Pocket On Each Side for Phone, Accessory

    • No Fears of Dropping/Forgetting Camera